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Over 20 years of life changing economic development and restoration
For 26 years, Sankofa International's mission has been to restore Africa through sustainability and economic empowerment. Sankofa not only feeds children daily and builds water systems, but we also create jobs and give scholarships that support African communities in need. The Sankofa out of Africa Mall allows artists, in Africa, to sell their art worldwide and supports Sankofa nonprofit projects. Every dime spent with Sankofa helps a child, an adult, a family, or a community in need.
How We Make A Difference
Chop Bar
In 2018, Sankofa began construction on the Chop Bar in Alogboshie, Ghana. The Chop Bar's main goal is to feed and teach hungry children for free. The chop bar also provides the community with clean water, food, meeting space, and more at a nominal fee. Although the Chop Bar is still under construction, due to Covid-19, we are currently feeding and teaching children in the community free twice per day. We still have a lot to accomplish and many children to feed but are ecstatic to see the children eating, learning, and happy with our efforts. To donate to the continued construction and upkeep of the Chop Bar, please contact us.
Sankofa Lifeline International
The mission of SLI is to provide needy Africans with new knowledge through workshops and other learning tools, hands-on business training and development, and more so the Africans are able to make better, long-term, life-management decisions to meet basic needs and more. SLI is a registered non-profit in Ghana and can legally service and provide jobs to Ghanaians to further the Non-profit mission of it's sister corporation Sankofa International.
Sankofa Out of Africa Shopping
The Sankofa Out of Africa Shopping Mall connects artists in Ghana to America through e-commerce. Every item in the shopping mall is made in Ghana by an artist in need and every penny spent at the mall supports artists, family, children, and other Sankofa Missions. Through the shopping mall, donators are able to give back to Africa while also receiving handmade gifts.
Our Team
Richard Willis CEO

Cedric Benjamin Vice President